Japan’s Levitating Train Breaks World Speed Record At 603 Km/h

Japan’s MagLev Train World Fastest

Japan’s experimental Maglev Train managed to break the new world speed record on Tuesday with a top speed of 603 kilometres (374 miles) per hour, Central Japan Railways, also known as JR Tokai said.

The train, which floats on powerful superconducting magnets 8cm (3.1 inches) above its track, managed to hit its top speed of 603 km per hour on an experimental track in Yamanashi prefecture, central Japan.

The maglev currently also holds the Guinness world record title for fastest maglev train at 581 kilometers (361 miles) per hour that it managed to gain in 2003. The company is planning to reapply to Guinness records for its new world speed record.

In 2014 the train transported 100 passengers in a 500km/h (311mph) demonstration run. Japan’s maglev route between Tokyo and Nagoya is set to open in 2027 at a cost of 5.1 trillion yen ($61.4 billion), and the Nagoya-Osaka route is expected to be complete by 2045. Watch the video below.

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