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Arton Capital has created Passport Index, a ranking website of the world’s passports based on how many countries their holders can visit without having to obtain a visa in advance. The more nations you can access, the more powerful your passport is.

The US and UK came first with access to 147 countries, followed by France, S Korea and Germany came in second with access to 145 countries, then Sweden and Italy who came in third with access to 144 countries, then Denmark, Singapore, Finland, Japan, Luxembourg and Holland in the fourth rank with access to 143 countries while Switzerland came fifth with access to 142 countries.

As for the GCC countries, United Arab Emirates came in first (47 worldwide) with access to 72 countries; Qatar came second (52 worldwide) with access to 66 countries, Kuwait came third (54 worldwide) with access to 64 countries, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain both came forth (57 Worldwide) with access to 61 countries, last but not least, Oman came fifth (62 worldwide) with access to 52 countries.

So, how powerful is your passport? Check your passport power here.

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