Red Bull Kart Fight 2015

2015 Red Bull Kart Fight

Abdullah Al Shehab clinched the 2015 Red Bull Kart Fight title in Kuwait which was held at Sirbb track. Al Shehab won a hard fought race after facing tough competition from Bandar Ali. Both drivers were level on points after securing 48 points from the final two races but it was the fastest lap that Al Shehab set (44.775seconds) which gave him the victory. Third place went to Khaled Al Mudhaf with 42 points.

Al Shehab who will now represent Kuwait at the World Final in Austria. The Red Bull Kart Fight qualifiers in Kuwait started on March 1st and ended on Sunday March 29. More than 1,000 participants have participated and only the fastest 20 racing times have made it to the Kuwait Final.

On the 2nd of April, the event started with a free practice. This was followed with a qualifier where the 20 drivers were divided into 4 groups of 5 where each driver had 3 laps to set the best time. The drivers were then divided into two groups as per the qualification (odd & even).

Two races of 12 laps each were held and the top 5 from each race qualified to the final race. The top 10 qualified drivers went through a qualification session to determine the pole position. Race one started from position 1 till 10 for 12 laps, points were be granted as per the table. Race two started from position #10 till #1 for 12 laps, points were granted as per the table. Points of two races were added together and the driver with the highest points won the race.

During the World Final, champions from other countries including Kuwait will show their talent in an event open to the international media as well as race fans and supporters. It will be a fantastic festival of speed and international competition at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria.

Participating in the World Final is as close as an amateur racer can get to the feel of being a top international star. A purpose built track is designed specifically to test the depth of the competitors’ abilities over 2 intense days of competition where only one will emerge as World Champion.

2015 Red Bull Kart Fight 2 Competitors participating in the Kart Fight on Sirbb Circuit in 2015 Red Bull Kart Fight 4 2015 Red Bull Kart Fight 5 2015 Red Bull Kart Fight 6 2015 Red Bull Kart Fight 7 2015 Red Bull Kart Fight 8

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