Sean Garnier And Viki Gomez Amazing Performance in Kuwait

Sean Garnier & Viki Gomez in front of Kuwait Towers

Red Bull Stars Sean Garnier from France and Viki Gomez from Spain performed outstanding freestyle football and BMX Flatdanding that left the Kuwaiti crowds amazed. Sean equipped with the best freestyle football tricks on the planet and Viki displaying unique maneuvers such as rotation on one wheel and acrobatic moves defying gravity brought everyone to a shuddering halt.

Sean Poses in front of Kuwait Towers Viki Gomez displays his skills at the Radisson Blu

The athlete tour included several stops, it started with a performance at the Australian College of Kuwait where hundreds of students watched some never seen before freestyle tricks. The two athletes then met and gave local freestylers and BMX performers a hands-on workshop. The tour continued with a spectacular show at the Gulf University of Technology and Science (GUST) with some breathtaking shows that kept the students on their toes.

Viki Gomez at the Avenues Mall Sean Garnier at the Avenues Mall

At the Avenues Mall the crowd gathered in Dome 1 nearly an hour before the show. Once Sean and Viki arrived at the mall they introduced themselves to the audience and gave them a glimpse of what to expect. Sean displayed some amazing freestyle football skills and also invited football enthusiasts to join him where they played panna. Viki went on to wow the crowd with an impressive show that was executed flawlessly. After the one hour show was completed, the two athletes took the time to greet fans, who couldn’t get enough of their selfies with the stars.

On his third visit to Kuwait Sean Garnier said: “It’s always good to be back to Kuwait. My first visit goes back to 2009 when I was chosen to be in the judging panel of the Red Bull Street Style. We have conducted several shows around Kuwait and all were very successful. The audience is very excited to see new tricks and moves. The most spectacular show was at the Avenues Mall as it was packed and the interaction with the crowd was unbelievable.

Sean Garnier Poses for a Selfie with the Audience Sean Garnier & Viki Gomez

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