SipSup Glass

SipSup Glass

SipSup is a uniquely designed glass that can connect to your smartphone via app to help upload your favourite photos or videos.

You can choose to make your photos and videos either private or public. If you choose to make them private then they will be only visible to you every time you lean your smartphone to your SipSup. If you decide to make them public everybody who connects to your SipSup with their own NFC supported smartphone will be able to access them.

SipSup Glass 2 SipSup Glass 3 SipSup Glass 4

The app will be available in the Google Play Store. You can only access the app with the SipSup glass. Once you’re in, you can start dropping selected moments into your SipSup app.

According to the SipSup team, the glass will soon be on Kickstarter to help bring this project to life. And who knows, you might get the chance of getting one of the first production glasses.

SipSup Technical Specs

SipSup Glass 5 SipSup Glass 6

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