The AVERT: A Multi-Robot System That Can Lift A 2 Ton Car

Avert Multi-Robot System

A group of scientist at European consortium led by Democritus University in Greece created a multi-robot system called Avert that can carefully extract and transport vehicles up to two tons in weight.

The system consists of eight flat robots working together. Each tire is gripped by two machines – one on each side. Once the tires are properly pinched, the robots lift the vehicle off the ground and carry it away.

Avert Multi-Robot System 2 Avert Multi-Robot System 3

The research project started in 2012 to provide a unique capability to Police and Armed Services to rapidly deploy, extract and remove both blocking and suspect vehicles from vulnerable positions such as enclosed infrastructure spaces, tunnels, low bridges as well as under-building and underground car parks. Watch the video below.

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