Iris Vehicle Heads Up Display

Iris Vehicle Heads Up Display

The Iris is a visor-mounted transparent display that features information in front of the driver without distracting focus from the road. The device fits any car regardless of dashboard geometry and gives a cleaner visual backdrop.

The Iris works via smartphone app (compatible with iOS and Android), which is accessed through a Bluetooth connection. The phone communications and applications are then routed through the Iris interface and controlled by the drivers hand gestures.

Iris Vehicle Heads Up Display 2

The display is based on 720p laser projector and is incredibly sharp and easy to read, adapting to ambient lighting. A clean and simple user interface with an intuitive display format provides the user with what they need.

Iris is a project looking for funding on Indiegogo, where they raised about $17,384 USD of its $50,000 USD goal with 23 days of funding left. Watch the video below to learn more about the project.

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