Record Breaker Limbos Under The Car

Shemika Charles World Record Limbos Under A Car

A world record holding Limbo Queen has become the first person to limbo under a car. Shemika Charles 22-year-old amazed herself and onlookers when she bent over backwards to get underneath the SUV last week.

Charles, of Buffalo, New York, has held the Guinness World Record in 2010 when she limboed down to an incredible 8.5 inches off the ground, thats a height of a beer bottle.

World Record Breaker Limbos

Shemika trains for up to six hours a day to keep her body in peak condition and now travels around America performing with her family. However, regular performances put an incredible strain on her body and she sees a chiropractor once a week to have her hips realigned.

Watch this incredibly flexible woman limbo under a car in the video below.

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