ROTO: Electric Shaker Bottle

ROTO Fitness Bottle

ROTO is a powder shake sport bottle with a build in electric motor for mixing protein drinks and recovery drinks. The bottle is designed to save you time and effort, at a push of a button your drink will be ready in seconds.

ROTO Fitness Bottle 3 Colors ROTO Fitness Bottle Cable Top

The bottle can be charged with built-in micro-USB port. For cleaning purpose, you can easily remove the blender by simply unscrewed the bottom on the bottle after you’re done.

ROTO Detail

The Roto Fitness Electric Shaker Bottle is designed in the Netherlands and will be available at Kickstarter on July 23 2015. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram for latest updates.

ROTO Fitness Bottle Hand ROTO Fitness Bottle Accessories ROTO Fitness Red Bottle

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