A-bike Electric: The World’s Smallest Compact E-Bike

A bike Electric 1

A-bike Electric is a light, compact electric bike with a telescopic folding style that makes it small enough to fit into a duffel bag.

The original A-Bike concept was created by British inventor Sir Clive Sinclair, which features the same distinct, lightweight, compact frame, but comes with an electric motor.

A bike Electric 2 A bike Electric 3

The electric power assistance automatically kicks in when you start peddling. It includes a quick-charge 24V battery that can go up to 25 km (15 miles).

A bike Electric 4 A bike Electric 5

The A-bike Electric is raising funds for production on Kickstarter, where it’s already raised over £54,896 of its £40,000 goal with 24 days of funding left. Watch the video below.

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