Kuwait Pavilion for Expo 2015: Impressive and Creative

Kuwait Pavilion for Expo 2015

The 2015 Milan Expo brings the possibility to see the world in one trip. It is a thrilling adventure to witness in one place the diversity and uniqueness of each nation through the pavilions that showcase cultures, colors and traditions. There is so much to see as some nations have organized shows and special attractions to add flavor to the event.

Kuwait Pavilion for Expo 2015 05

This year’s Expo 2015 is a food-focused event with 145 nations in attendance. It aims to tackle the world’s problem on sustainable progress while guaranteeing safe, healthy and sufficient food for all the nations. All these must be achieved while respecting and preserving the planet. This is indeed a meeting place of the nations where each one can share and promote innovative solutions in order to achieve this year’s central theme: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.

Kuwait Pavilion for Expo 2015 03

Kuwait Pavilion for Expo 2015 04

As Italy and the city of Milan welcome the nations and visitors to this grand event, different countries have set up their pavilions to showcase their creativeness while making use of science and technology to provide ways on how to combat hunger around the world. Kuwait, for example, designed their 2,790 square meter pavilion to reflect the Kuwaiti Dhow, a triangular sail boat which was used in the Arabian Gulf. On the lateral façade of the pavilion is displayed some examples of the greenhouse and hydroponic cultivation which is used in the country.

Kuwait Pavilion for Expo 2015 02

Kuwait Pavilion for Expo 2015 06

The theme focuses on the country’s biggest challenges which are water, energy and agriculture. With their participation in this year’s expo, it is an opportunity to educate and acquaint visitors regarding their projects in connection with water, energy and agriculture. At the same time, they exhibit the results that were achieved through humanitarian contributions as well as the effect of international cooperation with regards to transport, irrigation, water, telecommunications, agriculture, health, and education.

The Kuwait pavilion is an impressive and creative model reflecting the mixture of traditions in the country. The exhibit is a fascinating view of the country’s territory while providing visitors an insight to its culture and natural resources. Spectators will be able to see how the country has been able to make use of its natural resources to create its own wealth – from the dessert to the sea, there is a highly scenic exhibition of how they are able to retrieve and save natural energies. Visitors will enjoy the typical Arab ambiance as they taste and enjoy the flavors of this Middle Eastern state.

Kuwaiti Girls in Traditional Dress

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