Most Popular Games in Middle East 2015

Popular Games in Middle East 01

Video gamers and those who frequent online games have interesting behaviors in the Middle East. Many of the popular western games are also popular there. Of course the list is long so here are the top 6 games in the middle east, by popularity, in 2015:

1. L.A.Noire:

LA Noise was published by Rockstar Games and developed by Team Bondi. It is a new age detective game that was first released in May of 2011. Players assume the role of Cole Phelps, who starts out as a Los Angeles Police Department “LAPD” Officer and then becomes a detective later on.

2. Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

This game was published by Ubisoft in 2013 for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and finally Wii U. It was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and has received several important nominations and awards, including the Best Action Adventure Game in the Spike VGX 2013 awards. Assassin’s Creed is popular especially in UAE, Kuwait and KSA.

Popular Games in Middle East 02

3. Grand Theft Auto 5

This game is popular all around the world. It was released back in September of 2014 for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It is a sexy game, published by Rockstar Games. Players use various firearms and explosives in encounters with various enemies. They run, jump, swim, drive and use melee attacks as they navigate the fictional world of the game.

4. Batman: Arkham Knight

This is the fourth game in the series. The caped crusader is tougher and more rouge, and he dubs himself the Arkham Knight. The villains are Two-Face and Harley Quinn, two big fan favorites. The batmobile can turn into a tank and this is definitely the most spectacular Arkham game so far.

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5. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

This action packed first-person shooter video game is of the adventure genre. It was published by Bethesda Softworks and developed by MachineGames. It was released recently, in May of 2015 for three platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. It is the expansion pack in the Wolfenstein series and the prequel to the 2014 release of Wolfenstein: The New Order. It follows the single-player story of William BJ Blazkowicz, a war veteran who wants to discover the location of a Nazi compound.

6. Roulette

Roulette is a very simple, yet truly thrilling game, some call it “The King of Casino Games”. With new applications, you’ll find all of your gaming favorites, you are able to enjoy it online without even leaving home. Just make few taps on your smartphone or tablet and start playing! People in Lebanon usually try this game and other casino online games on Casino du Liban, this site will have you dazzled, excited and wanting more play!

As you can see, many of the popular western games are also big in the middle east. The pattern is that detective games are even more popular than the first-person shooter games that are so popular in the US. These patterns are interesting to both developers, publishers and other gamers.

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