TL3 Racing Simulator

TL3 Racing Simulator

TL3 Racing Simulator is a high-end racing simulators that provides realistic motion for a complete driving experience.

The Racing Simulator includes a 200º spherical projector with 6 million pixels, that wraps around the drivers seating position to create a complete realistic view. It features a pod made from composite materials, CNC machined with laser precision and comes with cooling fans, plus real hydraulic systems, such as the real feel pedals and the Force Feedback steering wheel.

TL3 Racing Simulator 2 TL3 Racing Simulator 3

Motion Simulation work in partnership with some of the world’s leading simulation experts, and world championship Formula 1 team to ensure customer satisfaction and product reliability.

TL3 Racing Simulator is available for sale at £34,995 (KD 16,500). Watch the video below.

via: Bless This Stuff

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