Maxx Bench: First Ever Gravity Release Bench Press

Free Weight Bench Hydraulic System

Maxx Bench is a free weight bench system with a built in gravity release for safety.

The Maxx Bench uses a hydraulic system to allow the athlete to rescue themselves from heavy weights by simply pushing a foot lever. Its a clever idea, which will put an end to the dangerous accidents of getting trapped under heavy weights at the gym.

Free Weight Bench Hydraulic System 2

If you need to adjust your positioning, you can simply make them on the bench! You can forget the old fashioned adjustable pins. Stay on the equipment, use the foot pedal to get the perfect position.

The Maxx Bench flat bench is available for the price of $1,095. The Maxx Bench flat utility is also sold separately for $895. Watch the video below to learn more about the product.

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