Lexus Created Full-Scale Car Made Out of Cardboard

Full Scale Cardboard Lexus Car

Lexus has created a full size origami IS vehicle made of laser-cut cardboard sheets. The car company teamed up with a UK design firm, LaserCut Works to build the full size cardboard car, mounted on a steel chassis, with an electric motor to power the car.

The recyclable sculpture required 1,700 pieces of 10mm (0.4 inches) thick cardboard, each one precision-shaped to work with the others. Even the wheels are made from cardboard.

The model has a fully fitted interior, functioning doors, real headlights and rolling wheels. The entire creation was hand-crafted and took three months to build. Watch the video below.

Full Scale Cardboard Lexus Car 2 Full Scale Cardboard Lexus Car 3 Cardboard Lexus Headlights 4 Cardboard Interior Lexus Car 5 Cardboard Interior Lexus Car 6 Cardboard Interior Lexus Car 7 Cardboard Lexus Wheels 8

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