BeON Home Smart Light Bulbs

BeON Home Smart Light Bulbs

BeON Home is a smart LED light bulbs that learn and replicate your everyday interaction with your light switches to deliver effective and preventative home security.

The smart lighting system carries a backup rechargeable battery to ensure the light will stay on even if the power goes out. The light bulbs provide 800 lumens (about 60W incandescent light bulb) of soft white LED light output.

BeON Home Smart Light App

You can control the smart LED light bulbs using BeOn’s smartphone app, where you can program the lights on a schedule. The smart lights also uses a built-in microphones, which pick up on sounds of movements or a doorbell ring and will all turn on at once.

BeON’s Home Protection System is available for the price of $199 on BeON’s online store. The kit includes three bulbs with three smart modules. Watch the video below to learn more about the product.

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