2016 Red Bull Car Park Drift Kuwait

Abdo Feghali 2016 Red Bull Car Park Drift

After 7 years of its launch in 2010, the Red Bull Car Park Drift Championship returns to Kuwait with an atmosphere filled with challenge and excitement similar to all the previous events. The event will take place on Thursday 31st March till 1st April of May at the Basel Salem Al Sabah arena at the 7th ring road.

Contestants will go through the final race in competitive rounds where a winner will be selected to compete against other winners from the Middle East in the regional championship held in Kuwait in November.

Brian Capper and Abdo Feghali

The event will be judged by a panel of experts in motorsports where they will give out points to each driver depending on his unique accomplishments. The event is also supervised by Lebanese drifting legend, holding the longest drift record and the Middle East Hill Climbing champion, Abdo Feghali.

Abdo Feghali

During the final race, the luckiest driver and highest ranking in points will be crowned, taking into consideration all the driving and drifting talents, the engines’ roars, the external look of the car, the smoke produced by the friction of the tires and finally the audience’s excitement and cheers for the performance. The event will also feature a live show by the Trial Biker Brian Capper.


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