BMW Self Driving Vision 100 Concept Car

BMW Self Driving Vision 100 Concept Car

BMW celebrated its 100th birthday by unveiling their newest concept car, the BMW VISION NEXT 100.

The car includes digital intelligence and self-driving capabilities, “Aive Geometry” that enables intuitive driver-vehicle interaction, and futuristic materials. Drivers decide how they want to travel in future according to their needs: fully-automated driving with the opportunity to relax, work or be entertained – Ease Mode. Or drive themselves: in a vehicle fully customised to their preferences, where everything revolves around them as the “Ultimate Driver” – Boost Mode.

BMW Self Driving Vision 100 Concept Car 2

The Vision Next 100 is scheduled to go on a world tour with appearances in the United States, Britain, and China before stopping at the BMW Festival in Munich in September. The video below will explain the design of the Vision Next 100 concept.

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