DJI Introduces New Matrice 600 Aerial Platform

Matrice 600 Aerial Platform

DJI introduces next-generation Matrice 600 aerial platform a heavy-lifting platform that gives you the freedom to use the best camera equipment available to shoot from the sky. Its capable of extended flight times and featuring built-in and add-on redundancies for maximum reliability, the M600 is the ideal camera systems made for professional filmmaking.

The drone can stay in the air for a whopping 35 minutes with a Zenmuse X5 camera attached and up to 16 minutes with a larger camera, such as a RED EPIC. There are also new power solutions including a high-capacity battery for recording up to 96 minutes (78 minutes and 37 minutes with the Osmo Pro and Raw, respectively). A battery-shaped power adapter is available, too, letting you run the Osmo off of one of DJI’s drone batteries or their chargers.

If sold separately, the Matrice M600 drone will cost $4,599 and Ronin-MX 3-axis stabilizer will cost $1,599, or together for $5,999. Watch the video below.

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