Floatti: Innovative Smart Suitcase

Floatti Smart Suitcase

FLOATTI is a smart suitcase with suspension, smartphone connectivity and an inbuilt scale. The suitcase is engineered to work for both pushing and pulling actions to offer a much smoother ride, more comfortable handling and less friction.

FLOATTI includes a tracking system, digital scale, slim and detachable charger for your phone that can upgrade to Laptop charger which can recharge your iPhone 6S up to seven times, or MacBook for 1.5 times.

The suitcase also has a innovative Smart Handle puts all of your most-used phone features right in the palm of your hand, meaning your handset doesn’t have to be a distraction while you’re on the move.

Floatti Smart Suitcase 2

Watch the video below to learn more about FLOATTI which is currently on Kickstarter where it’s already raised about $229,908 of its $100,000 goal with 24 days of funding left, with shipping expected to start in December 2016.

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