HoverSeat: Sitting Attachment for Hoverboard


An inexpensive and creative idea, Florida-based company Boatstogo has designed an aluminum frame that attaches to hoverboard and holds a beach chair, transforming it into a min-vehicle for a more comfortable and safe ride.

Driving HoverSeat On Beach

The HoverSeat is comfortable, and has many practical uses. It has Velcro strips attached to the flat surface to hold down the seat, a cooler or box. And navigating it is the same as riding a hoverboard, the only difference is you’ll be sitting down.

Hoverboard Sitting Attachment HoverSeat Pulling Cooler

The Hoverseat is available for $69, but as of right now they are currently out of stock and will be available for shipping on May 31, 2016. Watch the video below.

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