Al Ostoura Diej Wins Neymar Jr’s Five Final Tournament

“Al Ostoura Diej” team was announced Neymar Jr’s Five Kuwait champion after an intense national final held last Thursday at Al Kout Mall. The final took place in partnership with Nissan, Shop & Ship, Acqua Eva, Sun & Sand Sports and Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr amongst groups of spectators and in the presence of Sheikh Diej Khalifa Al Sabah who handed the trophy to the winning team. The winners, who won the final match against “Abtal Barcelona”, will be representing Kuwait at the world final in Brazil in July this year where they will compete against the winning teams from more than 35 countries countries for the ultimate prize.

Running from 2 to 23 May, 128 teams signed up to the 8 national qualifiers and showed their football skills in a first and only Neymar Jr signature football tournament where 5 players compete against 5 in a unique last man standing modus, with an eye on meeting Neymar Jr.

The fast-paced game was open for participants between 16 years and 25 years old where two teams of five players each play 10-minute games with no goalkeepers. When one team scores a goal, a player on the opposing team is eliminated until the whole team is completely out or 10 minutes are up.

When interviewed on their incredible win in the national final, “Al Ostoura Diej” captain Ahmed Shallal Al Fahed expressed great joy, saying: “We are very excited about the World Final and hope to be lucky enough to meet Neymar. We will do our best to win the world championship of Neymar Jr’s Five tournament and represent Kuwait in the best way possible”.

The grand prize for the crowned world champion team in Brazil is meeting Neymar Jr in Barcelona, Spain, and be his guest at the famous Camp Nou for a Barcelona match.

فريق الأسطورة دعيج بطل نيمار جونيورز 5 من الكويت

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