Sony Stabilized 4K Action Camera


Sony is releasing its own 4K video cameras with physical image stabilization: the X3000R. The camera can shoot at 4K at 100 Mbps, and 1080p at 50 Mbps from their 1/2.5 ” sensor. You can shoot at 24 and 30 fps in 4K mode, 120 fps in 1080p, and 240 fps in 720p. There’s also a slightly less powerful AS3000 that is limited to 1080p. The two models are otherwise nearly identical.

sony-fdr-x3000-action-cam sony-fdr-x3000-action-cam-3

The FDR-X3000R is the first Sony Action Cam to include a Balanced Optical SteadyShot (BOSS) technology, for stunning and stable 4K-quality video footage. Take a closer look at the features and benefits in the below video.

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