Mercedes-Benz Concept X-CLASS Pickup Truck


Mercedes-Benz unveiled the 2017 X-Class pickup truck in Sweden on Tuesday in concept form, was co-developed with Nissan and is based on the Japanese automaker’s global Navarra model.

mercedes-benz-pickup-truck-2 mercedes-benz-pickup-truck-interior mercedes-benz-pickup-trucks

The car company introduced two variants of the pickup truck, the Concept X-Class “powerful adventurer” and the “stylish explorer”. Both will come with a diesel V6 and all-wheel drive, which includes a transfer case and two differential locks. The X-Class will be initially built in Spain and Argentina, and sold in Europe, South America, South Africa and Australia.

mercedes-benz-pickup-truck-white-color mercedes-benz-pickup-truck-white-color-2 mercedes-benz-pickup-truck-white-interior

Take a look at both X-CLASS pickup trucks in the video below.

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