Tern Vektron Folding Electric Bike


Tern Vektron is a Bosch-powered electric bike that can folds in seconds for easy transport, storage, and theft prevention. Once you fold the bike, it’s easy to move around in roll mode. Just extend the seatpost, and use the saddle as your push handle.


The e-bike includes a high-energy 400 watt-hour battery that would travel up to 40 to 80 miles, depending on conditions such as the terrain, headwinds, riding mode, etc. It takes 3.5 hour to charge the battery.


The on-board display provides complete feeding information such as speed, range, battery level, and distance. And the smart range calculator constantly updates the remaining range. The Vektron is designed to fit the Yepp Maxi Easyfit child seat (children up to 6 yrs and/or 48.4 lb).


The Tern Vektron e-bike is currently on Kickstarter where it raised $43,528 of its $60,000 goal with 34 days of funding left. Watch the video below to learn more about the product.

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