Nexo And Ever Airless Bike Tires


The guys at Noble Cycling Shop in Utah came up with two models of airless tires, Ever Tires and Nexo Tires, that promise enhanced durability, minimal maintenance, and the ability to never go flat.

Ever tires are the next leap in flat free tire innovation, they are durable, lightweight, and will never go flat. They don’t age like a regular tire and can go up to 8,047 Kilometers (5,000 miles) without ever going flat.

ever-airless-tires-2The Nexo is designed more for discerning cyclists who want to keep their existing rims. It uses patented T-bolts that fit under the lip of a standard rubber tire rim to hold it into place. Installation is not as easy as the Ever Tires which just require you to swap out the rims, but Nexo Tires cut down on waste by utilizing your existing rims.

Ever Tire and Nexo Tire are available for pre-order as part of a Kickstarter campaign, raising $27,695 of its $24,597 goal with 23 days of funding left. Watch the video below to learn more about the product.

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