ROLI Blocks: New High Tech Musical Instrument


Blocks by ROLI, a new high tech easy-to-use musical instrument that does require years of lessons to master. The device connects together with magnetic connectors, letting music-makers build their own instruments on the go.


The modular music studio works together with an app on your iPhone or iPad. On the Block’s touch-sensitive silicone surface you shape sounds and make music through tapping, sliding, pressing, lifting, and other intuitive gestures. The surface is a glowing grid of squares that guides you as you create orchestral melodies, drum beats, bass lines, and any other kind of sounds you like.


The ROLI Lightpad Block is sold for $179.95 and the ROLI Live Control Block and ROLI Loop Control Block are priced at $79.95. You can find them exclusively available at ROLI website and Apple Stores. Watch the video below.

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