Making The Strudel from Inglourious Basterds

If you saw the Inglourious Basterds movie, you probably remember the scene where actress Melanie Laurent, as Shosanna who was invited by actor Christoph Waltz as Col. Hans Landa to have the apple Strudel dessert with him.

Andrew Rea is going to show use how to make the delicious Austrian dessert covered in whipped cream from the movie in the video below.


1 1/2 cups bread flour (plus more for dusting, sprinkling, filling)
4 tbsp vegetable oil
2 egg whites
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tbsp lemon juice
1/4 cup warm water about 43C (110F)
4 baking apples, peeled and sliced thinly
1/2 cup sugar
Zest of one lemon
1/2 cup raisins
1 tbsp cinnamon
1/2 cup finely chopped walnuts, hazelnuts, or almonds
1 stick butter, melted, plus more as needed
1 egg, beaten
1 cup heavy cream
1 tbsp sugar
Powdered sugar for garnish

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