WhatsApp Available On The Web

The popular smartphone messaging application WhatsApp is now available on your office computer as well as your for Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone. The web service will not be available to iPhone users ‘due to Apple strict platform limitations. WhatsApp, acquired by Facebook last year for nearly $22 billion, said its Web service will be… Continue reading WhatsApp Available On The Web

Apple Macintosh 2015

The CURVED/labs created a concept design as a tribute to the original Apple Macintosh computer released in 1984. The design features the same high quality aluminum casing that is used for macbooks, iPhones and iPads, it also has similar technological components as the current MacBook Air. Watch the video below

SOL Solar-Powered Laptop

The SOL is the world’s first rugged, waterproof solar-powered laptop computer that runs entirely by the power of the sun. The Laptop equipped with a detachable solar panel, which the developers claim will provide 10 hours of battery life after just two hours in the sun. The SOLS (SuperSol) Laptop comes with an Intel Atom… Continue reading SOL Solar-Powered Laptop

Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Operating System

Microsoft has announced the latest version of its Windows operating system, Windows 10, at an event in San Francisco on September 30th, 2014. The new operating system will bring back some of its old features that were left out of Windows 8 like the Start Menu and the ability to run an application without it being… Continue reading Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Operating System

Google Chromebook Pixel Touchscreen Laptop

The Chromebook Pixel is a laptop that brings together the best in hardware, software, and design to inspire future innovation. This Chromebook has the highest pixel density (239 pixels per inch) of any laptop screen on the market today. Packed with 4.3 million pixels work together to deliver crisp text, vivid colors, and extra wide… Continue reading Google Chromebook Pixel Touchscreen Laptop

The World’s First Website Ever Created

The first website was built by the World Wide Web’s creator Tim Berners-Lee at http://info.cern.ch/ and was launched online on August 6, 1991. The website at that time was providing information on how users could setup a web server and how to create their own, as well as how they could search the web for information.… Continue reading The World’s First Website Ever Created

Apple Contract May Sell At Auction For $150K

Enlarge Image The Sotheby’s Auction in New York will auction off the original founding contract papers that was signed April 1, 1976 by the late Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne. Sotheby’s expects the Dec. 13 auction to fetch anywhere between $100,000 – $150,000 USD. There are so many Apple memorabilia that will go up… Continue reading Apple Contract May Sell At Auction For $150K

What is Binary Code?

A binary code is any system of representing text or computer processor instructions by the use of the binary number system‘s two-binary digits 0 and 1. This is accomplished by assigning a bit string to each particular symbol or instruction. For example, A binary string of eight digits (bits) can represent any of 256 possible values and… Continue reading What is Binary Code?