Fisherman Use Cigar as Fish Bait

Some professional fishermen love to try new techniques and different kind of baits that no one’s ever heard of or even thought about before. Believe it or not, one fisherman and his friend were fishing in Kuwait, used a cigar as a bait to catch a fish. Watch what happens in the video below.

Guy Jumps Into Bathtub Full of Hot Sauce

Cemre Candar has recently posted a video of himself jumping into a bathtub filled with 1,250 bottles of hot sauce. The daredevil empties buckets of hot sauce into his bathtub and tosses in fresh chili peppers. Within a few seconds of lowering himself into the tub, he started to feel the burn. Lets see what… Continue reading Guy Jumps Into Bathtub Full of Hot Sauce

Invisible Driver in a Tesla Car

Magician Prankster Rahat Hussein from Magic Of Rahat channel has performed a crazy prank where he surprised unsuspecting people on the road by driving a Tesla with a car-seat costume, so it looks as though there’s no driver in the car. Check out the people’s hilarious relation as they pass by the vehicle in the video below.

Shaquille O’Neal Goes Undercover as a Lyft Driver

Shaquille O’Neal tries to go undercover as a Lyft driver in Atlanta, Georgia to give the passengers the ride of their life. The former NBA player was dressed up in different costumes, pretending to be French, Jamaican and even Brazilian while driving the passengers around. Watch the video below.

Greg Benson’s Magic Photobomb Prank

Greg Benson from YouTube channel Mediocre Films has recently pranked tourists outside TCL Chinese Theatre, Hollywood by photobombing the photos that he takes of them. Benson asks a friend to come up behind the people with a cardboard cutout of himself. Watch the video below.

The Story Behind the Office Monkey Clips

In the past few months or so, you’ve probably seen lots of videos like these circling around the internet. They have been taken from Getty stock video series of baboons in an office, and they have become popular internet GIFs and memes. Hart Productions, the San Francisco-based husband-and-wife team has produced the series back in 2003 and… Continue reading The Story Behind the Office Monkey Clips

Giant Front End Loaders Street Battle

A video taken Saturday, features 6 front-end loaders seen repeatedly ramming each other on a public road in Hebei province’s Xingtang county, northern China. The construction workers driving the heavy machinery were from two companies competing for business. The workers in front-end loaders from one company, the Jianwen Concrete Plant, had shown up at the Xinghua Concrete… Continue reading Giant Front End Loaders Street Battle