Smoking Booths At The Avenues Mall

Smokers are usually confined to enclosed areas, away from the Non-smokers, areas such as airports and other public places, otherwise to keep smokers away from smoke free zones. As seen in the picture above, the Avenues Mall installed useless smoking booths which is intended for an outdoor use. The booth is wide open, with no doors, not even a ventilation system (air purification systems)… Continue reading Smoking Booths At The Avenues Mall

STOMP Coming To Kuwait

STOMP, the fantastic percussion group from Brighton, England, will perform in Kuwait for the first time ever. Eight performers using their body and ordinary objects from Zippo lighters, plastic bags, bin lids and even the kitchen sink to hammer out an explosively feel good rhythm. With new routines, new choreography and new music, expect to be amazed! … Continue reading STOMP Coming To Kuwait

مسرحية الأطفال الاستعراضية زين والوحش

كعادتها في كل عام تقوم شركة زين للاتصالات بتقديم مسرحيات استعراضيه للجمهور بفترة العيد, مثل مسرحية زين إلى عالم جميل و مسرحيه مصباح زين. وهذه المره المسرحيه بعنوان زين والوحش. فكرة المسرحيه مستوحى من قصه والت ديزني الشهيره الحسناء والوحش وهي مسرحيه غنائيه استعراضيه للاطفال, وستعرض ابتداءا من أول أيام عيد الفطر في صالة التزلج . المسرحية… Continue reading مسرحية الأطفال الاستعراضية زين والوحش

Crazy Stunt Driving in Kuwait

A reckless driver have been caught on camera performing a two wheel driving stunt on public roads in Mangaf area. It seems like the driver is trying showing off while looking back at the camera. I have to admit the driver is talented but he should take his talent somewhere else. Pulling a stunt like that… Continue reading Crazy Stunt Driving in Kuwait

VIVA 512 PlayStation Tournament

512 Kuwait in association with Kuwait Telecommunications Company VIVA, is proud to announce the VIVA 512 PlayStation Football Tournament. 512 Kuwait is an entity exclusively dedicated to video gaming events in Kuwait. The event will be hosted at 360 Mall Exhibition Hall from March 21st to March 23rd 2013 and is powered by ‘x-cite by… Continue reading VIVA 512 PlayStation Tournament

Bungee Jumping Event At Marina Crescent

In celebration of Kuwait’s Liberation and National Day, starting tomorrow, February 22nd there will be a bungee jumping event at the Marina Crescent until the 24th. For more information you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter or call these numbers 94004335 – 22621766.

Red Bull X-Fighters Jams Thrills Kuwait

The first ever Red Bull X-Fighters Jams in Kuwait saw 14,000 people entertained with mind-blowing, jaw-dropping and gravity-defying stunts in front of Kuwait’s most famous landmark, Kuwait Towers. Red Bull X-Fighters Jams, sponsored by Nissan and held under the cooperation of Quarter Mile Club included top international riders Martin Koren from the Czech Republic, Nick… Continue reading Red Bull X-Fighters Jams Thrills Kuwait

Freeze Flash Mob at 360 Mall

Talents Detection collaborated with a couple of volunteers in making a Freeze Flash Mob video “Stop, Think, Decide”, which took place at 360 Mall, Kuwait. The idea of the video is to help in identifying the critical issues facing this country nowadays. Watch the video below.