Stunning Installation of 100,000 Illuminated Balloons in Covent Garden

French artist Charles Pétillon has created a stunning installation “Heartbeat” that features an giant cloud of 100,000 white balloons in Covent Garden in London. Weaving its way through the South Hall of the Grade II listed Market Building, Heartbeat stretches 54 metres in length and 12 metres in width, and incorporates gentle pulsating white light… Continue reading Stunning Installation of 100,000 Illuminated Balloons in Covent Garden

AirPano: Travel Book 360°

AirPano Travel Book specializes in taking high definition 360º panoramas of the most amazing places in the world, like 360 Aerial Panorama of Dubai. They have thousands of flat and interactive 360º photos on their website. The AirPano Travel Book application is now available for iPad and iPhone via the iTunes store. Watch video below to learn more… Continue reading AirPano: Travel Book 360°

Covent Garden Market Floating in Mid-Air

To the people passing by, it looks as though a section of the market building in London’s Covent Garden has broken free from its foundations and is floating in mid-air, high above them. But in reality, the display, which imitates the architecture in the area, is a complicated mind-bending technical wizardry which took months to create. The… Continue reading Covent Garden Market Floating in Mid-Air

360 Aerial Panorama of Dubai

A brilliant Interactive high resolution 360 virtual tours of Dubai City taken by AirPano team. The AirPano team is a group of Russian photographers who get to travel, take pictures of the most famous and interesting places around the world. The 360 degrees 3D aerial panorama of Dubai can be viewed in both high resolution and low resolution. For iOS users,… Continue reading 360 Aerial Panorama of Dubai

Scary Elevator with No Floor

Take a look at these shoppers at Southside Shopping Center in Wandsworth, UK getting the shock of their lives. The floor in the elevator appears to be missing! Its an awesome 3D illusion created by artist Andrew Walker. The prank was a promotion for a new ride at British amusement park Alton Towers. Check out the video below.

The World Largest Ever 3D Street Art

Yesterday Reebok CrossFit, teamed up with British artist Joe Hill to break the Guinness World Record for the largest ever 3D street art. The painting measured an impressive 1,160.4m² and was unveiled at London’s West India Quays, Canary Wharf. Guinness says it breaks records for the longest and largest surface area 3D painting.

3D Accessory Coming for iPhone

Due out next spring, Hasbro Inc. one of the largest toy maker in the world is set to unveil a hand-held device called My3D that attaches to the two Apple Inc. devices (iPod and iPhone). It promises three-dimensional content that offers a 360-degree experience in gaming, virtual travel experiences, and entertainment content. It’s aimed at… Continue reading 3D Accessory Coming for iPhone