Your Restraunt, Your Rules!

Your Restaurant Your Rules! This is a chance for the Kuwaiti chefs and entrepreneurs to serve their talent on a silver platter! 52 Degrees is offering you a chance to win 100sq of a RENT FREE, entirely furnished restaurant space; complete with a fully trained staff under your command. 52 Degrees will be giving you… Continue reading Your Restraunt, Your Rules!

Cool T-shirts @ 52 Degrees

The jack of all trades is back with an amazing summer collection will slam you with a hit of nostalgia for childhood cartoon “Maroko”, maybe fancy sum milk? or perhaps you’re a queen diva rocking loubies & a birkin! Come n’ check out Mexican Elephant at 52 Degrees store, big collection of unisex t-shirt aimed… Continue reading Cool T-shirts @ 52 Degrees

Don’t Follow Me @ 52 Degrees

Graphic T’s by “Hamster” designs hits 52 Degrees store! The line introduces comfy cotton shirts inspired by the popular social media network “Twitter”. The ironic statement has a humorous pun “Don’t Follow me” on the back side of the shirt. Hamster graphic T’s are an easy wear, perfect for the summer heat. The comical T-shirts… Continue reading Don’t Follow Me @ 52 Degrees

Ramadhan Event: قريشنا مبجر

Ramadhan this year is earlier than we are used to before, therefore 52 Degrees is organizing an event this Tuesday April, 26th for you to shop ahead of time without spending your summer vacation worrying about your last minute shopping. Ramadhan exhibition featuring clothing, perfumes, unique accessories and much more for a week from 10… Continue reading Ramadhan Event: قريشنا مبجر

What’s Hot @ 52Degrees

If you want to make a statement this summer with something other than your neck, we’ve got the answer! Double finger rings are going to be your new best friend. They are chic, interesting to look at and definitely fun to wear. Available @ 52Degrees Regina Di Coure, it’s the best way to be unique… Continue reading What’s Hot @ 52Degrees