Nintendo Mini NES Classic Edition

Nintendo is releasing a miniature NES classic edition with 30 built-in original NES games, including classics like Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Punch Out, Final Fantasy, Bubble Bobble and more. The miniature version of the console can be plugin directly into TV via a HDMI cable, and it also includes a controller designed to work… Continue reading Nintendo Mini NES Classic Edition

Giant Rubikā€™s Cube

Tony Fisher is a British puzzle designer, created a giant functionalĀ Rubikā€™s Cube that measures 1.56m on each edge. Fisher is still working on the cube and hopes to make more videos including comparisons and eventually show the construction. Watch the video below.

How to Put a Rubik’s Cube in a Bottle

Burkard Polster from Mathologer YouTube Channel shows how to place a Rubik’s Cube inside of a glass bottle. In the video below, Polster assemble theĀ entire puzzle game and puts it piece by piece inside the bottle.

Collin Burns Break World Record For Rubik’s Cube

The Rubik’s Cube has puzzled the minds of millions for decades, with most people giving up before ever coming close to finishing the notoriously difficult game. But not teenager Collin Burns, who has completed a cube in just 5.25 seconds, smashing the world record. The US national ‘speedcubing’ champion was at an official Rubik’s Cube… Continue reading Collin Burns Break World Record For Rubik’s Cube

World’s Largest Collection of James Bond Memorabilia

Nick Bennett from Leigh, Lancashire, has just been recognised by Guinness World Records for having the largest James Bond 007 collection with 12,463 pieces. Since the age of 7, Nick has had a fascination with the Bond franchise. The 47-year-old started collecting the memorabilia upon the release of the ā€˜Goldeneyeā€™ movie, at the aged 28.… Continue reading World’s Largest Collection of James Bond Memorabilia

Sony NWZ-ZX1 Walkman Music Player

The Sony NWZ-ZX1 WalkmanĀ is theĀ latest digital music playerĀ thatĀ runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean andĀ is capable of playing high-res music as well as your standard CD-ripped tunes.Ā The 4in VGA screen has a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels. Sony has given the ZX1 128GB of storage. The deviceĀ comes equipped with a dedicated digital audio amplifier and… Continue reading Sony NWZ-ZX1 Walkman Music Player