iPad Mini Rugged Bluetooth Keyboard Case

New Trent Airbender Mini Bluetooth keyboard case is designed for the new Apple iPad mini. This sleek and portable wireless keyboard case will allow you to wirelessly connect to your iPad mini and type with greater ease and comfort. The inclusion of screen and port covers provides your Apple tablet with enhanced full-body protection. It also… Continue reading iPad Mini Rugged Bluetooth Keyboard Case

Helix Wireless Speakers By Quirky

The Helix Bluetooth Speakers by Quirky comes with a flexible inner core, that let the user wrap them like a bracelet. The speakers has a water resistant exterior keeps its inner electronics safe, as long as it’s not submerged. The central part is pliable enough to be bent over any pipe, tube or even at your wrists etc. The… Continue reading Helix Wireless Speakers By Quirky

Hala Ramadan Expo in 360 Mall

Hala Ramadan Expo is one of the biggest expos of its kind to ever launch for Ramadan in Kuwait. Hala Ramadan will ring its bells on May 10-12 from 10AM – 10PM in 360 Mall (Exhibition Hall) under the patronage of Shaikha Feryal AlSabah to offer you the most exquisite and unique collections of kaftans,… Continue reading Hala Ramadan Expo in 360 Mall

What’s Hot @ 52Degrees

If you want to make a statement this summer with something other than your neck, we’ve got the answer! Double finger rings are going to be your new best friend. They are chic, interesting to look at and definitely fun to wear. Available @ 52Degrees Regina Di Coure, it’s the best way to be unique… Continue reading What’s Hot @ 52Degrees

Q8 Mustang

I am a big fan of sports cars especially Mustangs, although I never owned one. This brings us to the subject of a new Kuwaiti Blog called Q8 Mustang. Q8 Mustang specializes in Mustang Body Kits, Wheels, Rims and Parts from the largest Mustang accessory dealers in the US. If you love Mustangs you should… Continue reading Q8 Mustang