Billboard Produces Drinking Water Out of Thin Air

The first advertising billboard in the world that produces water from the air in Lima, Peru. The breakthrough is designed to inspire more young people to pursue careers in engineering at the University of Engineering and Technology of Peru. It also helps the capital of Lima, located in the desert and humid despite lack of rain, to generate drinking water to some of… Continue reading Billboard Produces Drinking Water Out of Thin Air

New Shocking Ad Campaign By THINK!

THINK! launched a very shocking new ad campaign filmed in a North London pub. The video below features a unsuspecting men looking into the mirror while they wash their hands in the pubs restrooms, and all of a sudden a mannequin gets smashed against the mirror from the other side, simulating the effect of a pedestrian hitting the windscreen in a car crash.… Continue reading New Shocking Ad Campaign By THINK!

Photoshop Live: Street Retouch Prank

Swedish photographer and retouch artist Erik Johansson teamed up with Adobe to come up with a very creative ad to promote the Adobe Creative Day event, which already started today in Paris and Stockholm. The company placed an LCD screen inside an advertising panel at a bus stop with lots of hidden cameras around the area to prank the passengers. The idea of the… Continue reading Photoshop Live: Street Retouch Prank

Ad With A Secret Message Only Children Can See

A very creative advertising campaign against child abuse in Spain that sends a clear message for children and a warning for adults. GREY has created two different messages, using an outdoor lenticular billboard showing the adults an awareness message, while children with an average height under 10 can see a different message with a clear and easy telephone number (picture above on the… Continue reading Ad With A Secret Message Only Children Can See

New Shocking Anti Smoking Ad in UK

A powerful Anti-Smoking campaign TV advertisement by the UK’s Department of Health shows a tumor growing on a cigarette as it is smoked, illustrating that just 15 cigarettes cause a mutation that can lead to cancerous tumors. According to The Telegraph, the commercials are the first anti-smoking ads released by the British government in eight years. Watch the TV ad video below.