Lolo Jones Freaks Out on a Wild Aerobatic Plane Ride

Red Bull Air Race world champion Kirby Chambliss takes track star Lolo Jones on a wild aerobatic plane ride. Chambliss performed several stunts with Jones in the plane that caused the Olympian to let out a few yells. Watch the video below.

Aerobatic Helicopter Chases Drifting Race Car

Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner teamed up with Polish drifting ace Jakub Przygoński to perform an epic acrobatic helicopter and drift racing stunt. Baumgartner, flying a Bolkov BO105 aerobatic helicopter, tracking the movements of Przygoński in a Toyota GT 86 1000HP, getting very close to the car as he performs a series of manoeuvres. Watch the video below.

Adorable Girl Enjoying First Aerobatic Ride

Four-year-old Léa recently went for her first aerobatic airplane ride with her father over Lachute in southwest Quebec. As her father spins a series of aerobatic maneuvers, you hear adorable Lea laughing and giggling in the back seat of the plane, asking her pilot father for more. Watch the video below.

Aerobatic Pilot Freaks Out His Friends

Sebb Stratta is a aerobatic pilot at Take Flight Aviation in Warwickshire, UK. He enjoys taking his friends out for a spin in his airplane and performs aerobatics stunts, flying around upside down and in circles. It’s pretty wild! Sebb has a dash cam ready to catch their reactions. Watch the video below.

Five Incredible Airbus A350 XWB Formation

To celebrate the delivery of the new Airbus A350s to commercial airline companies, five of the planes took to the skies for a spectacular formation flight above Toulouse, France on September 2014. After careful planning, run-throughs with pilots and ground staff, the planes put on a memorable display. Manoeuvring more like fighter jets, the Airbus’ performed a diamond formation. Watch… Continue reading Five Incredible Airbus A350 XWB Formation

Sparkling Aerobatic Air Show

Filmmaker Yannick Barthe captured an amazing aerobatics firework display of Twister Aerobatics Team at the 3rd Sanicole Sunset Airshow in Belgium. The team have performed their spectacular routines complete with fireworks and LED lights attached to their wing tips in locales as varied as Dubai, Bahrain, Poland, and Italy, among other places. Watch the team in… Continue reading Sparkling Aerobatic Air Show