Crocodile Bites Elephant Trunk

Ashley Lewis, 31, from Michigan, USA captured an incredible moment of a giant crocodile clamping¬†its jaws around a trunk of a bull elephant at the Sabi Sands Game Reserve in South Africa. The four-meter reptile¬†refused to let go and¬†was even dragged out of the water into the air by the¬†elephant who eventually managed to free… Continue reading Crocodile Bites Elephant Trunk

Elephant Scratch An Itch With A Car

These stunning photos were taken of¬†a giant¬†elephant¬†who decided to get playful¬†with a parked car, while two people were inside it. The¬†two terrified occupants found themselves¬†in the wrong place at the wrong time as the¬†ball¬†elephant started scratching¬†itself against their¬†vehicle. Photographer Armand Grobler said the animal remained in a playful mood although those watching feared the little… Continue reading Elephant Scratch An Itch With A Car

Lost Vulture Spotted in Kuwait

A rare large¬†Vulture¬†have been spotted sitting on a¬†traffic sign¬†in Al-Zahra Area.¬†Some say¬†the huge bird fled from one of the houses in the area.¬†The vulture, which is not native to a country like Kuwait, is usually seen picking on the¬†carcass of dead or dying animals in a¬†wild western movie or an African safari.¬†Watch the video below.… Continue reading Lost Vulture Spotted in Kuwait