Roberta Mancino Flies Over Volcano in Wingsuit

A promotional video for GoPro shows Roberta Mancino, an Italian base jumper, stepping out of a helicopter at 5,000 meters (15,000 feet) and flying over the top of Villarrica, one of Chile’s most active volcanoes.

British Airways Plane Lands With Square Tire

A British Airways Airbus A380 took off from Hong Kong on May 5 with 18 round wheels, but apparently touched down at London Heathrow with a bizarre flat square-shaped tire. The aircraft landed safely on runway 09L and taxied to the gate,” the report said. This extraordinary photo was uncovered by aviation news site The Aviation… Continue reading British Airways Plane Lands With Square Tire

2500 Meters Chamonix Wingsuit Flight

Brandon Mikesell attempted a death-defying flight over in Chamonix, France jumping from Le Brévent mountain, which was shot using a GoPro camera attached to his helmet. The video below features the daredevil jumping from the mountain (2500 meters above sea level) and heading extremely close to trees, cliffs and rocks.

Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Hail Damages Aircraft

A Delta Airlines flight from Boston to Salt Lake City had to land in Denver after baseball-sized hail severely damaged its windshield, nose and navigation systems. Many said they were lucky to be alive after relatively normal turbulence became a ‘roller coaster’ up in the air. The flight safely landed at Denver International Airport just… Continue reading Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Hail Damages Aircraft

Roberta Mancino Glowing Wingsuit Flight

Roberta Mancino has jumped out of a helicopter over Panama City at night wearing a special wingsuit loaded with LEDs. The international model has participated in more than 7,000 skydives and won several awards and world records. She recorded her amazing stunt on a GoPro camera. Watch the video below.

Mouse Hunt Delays Emirates Airline

Emirates Airline was forced to delay flight (EK038) from Birmingham to Dubai on Sunday because of a hunt for a mouse in the economy class. The mouse was spotted while the plane was preparing to take off. After several unsuccessful attempts by crew members to find the mouse, which took more than an hour. The flight was canceled… Continue reading Mouse Hunt Delays Emirates Airline

Near Death Airplane Collision with Skydiver in Free Fall

Skydiving instructor Forest Pullman captured a video of a jump with a tandem passenger flying 13,000 feet over Thailand. Pullman’s equipment nearly collides with the plane he and his passenger just jumped out of. Both came very close to being killed after the pilot decided to make a 180-degree dive.

Pilot Gets Locked Out of Cockpit Right Before Landing

A Delta Air Lines flight heading from Minneapolis to Las Vegas was forced to make an emergency landing after the pilot was locked out of the cockpit. After taking a bathroom break, the pilot tried to return to the cockpit but couldn’t get back in, prompting the crew to make a distress call to McCarran International Airport.… Continue reading Pilot Gets Locked Out of Cockpit Right Before Landing