World’s First Self Service Check-in By Virgin Australia

SITA has unveiled innovative and flexible new passenger services in collaboration with major Australian carrier, Virgin Australia. The check-in services were launched in November at the new domestic terminal at Perth Airport and include the world’s first single hardware common-use hybrid desks that can quickly switch from self-service bag drop mode to full-service traditional counters.… Continue reading World’s First Self Service Check-in By Virgin Australia

Baggage Handling System at Amsterdam Airport

Ever wondered what happens to your bag at an airport? Thrillist takes you behind the scenes journey through the conveyor system at Amsterdam Airport in Schiphol, Netherlands. Its feels like a rollercoaster ride! They attached a 360-degree camera to a checked suitcase, and it captured some pretty amazing footage. Watch the video below.

Mouse Hunt Delays Emirates Airline

Emirates Airline was forced to delay flight (EK038) from Birmingham to Dubai on Sunday because of a hunt for a mouse in the economy class. The mouse was spotted while the plane was preparing to take off. After several unsuccessful attempts by crew members to find the mouse, which took more than an hour. The flight was canceled… Continue reading Mouse Hunt Delays Emirates Airline

Lufthansa to Allow Falcons Aboard Flights

German airline Lufthansa announced that in the coming months falcons are to be allowed in the cabin during flights in a specially designed “Falcon Master” tray. “The Falcon Master ensures maximum hygienic protection of the cabin walls, seats and carpets from soiling by the birds,” the airline said in a statement. Falcons are already permitted on… Continue reading Lufthansa to Allow Falcons Aboard Flights

Video: How An Airplane Is Made

An incredible video posted by MinutePhysics that explains how Airbus designs and creates a commercial airplane. The short video takes us behind the scenes to the company’s headquarters and facilities to look at what it takes to bring the legendary airplane to life.

Video: Photographer Flies in a Thunderbird F-16

A stomach-churning video has been posted on YouTube that shows the reaction of a regular man flying in a F-16 Thunderbird. As the F-16 takes off from Luke Air Force Base in Arizona, photographer Blair Bunting’s reaction of horror and excitement can be seen in his eyes as the jet soars vertically into the sky. Blair was offered a… Continue reading Video: Photographer Flies in a Thunderbird F-16

The Cast of The Lion King Singing on an Airplane

An awesome video of the Australian cast of The Lion King singing “The Circle of Life.” while waiting to take off on flight from Brisbane to Sydney. The cast members were seated in the front of the plane to surprised travelers who were greeted with the beautiful song as they boarded the Virgin Australia Flight 970.

FAA Approves Gadget Use on Delta and JetBlue Flights

Airline passengers will be able to use their electronic devices, work, play games, watch movies and listen to music during takeoff and landing. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved requests from Delta and JetBlue airlines to allow customers to use their gadgets use on their flights. Delta and JetBlue were among the first US airlines to allow electronic devices to be used… Continue reading FAA Approves Gadget Use on Delta and JetBlue Flights