What If Celebrities Were From The Middle East

Have you ever wondered what celebrities like Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves would look like if they were from the Middle East, how would they look like in traditional clothes? The other day, I decided to collect some of the high resolution photos with good contrast and play around with it in Photoshop. Here are some photos of celebrities wearing middle eastern traditional clothes. There will be more Photoshopped… Continue reading What If Celebrities Were From The Middle East

Celebrities As 19th Century Russian Generals

British artist Steve Payne has created these amazing portraits of celebrities by Photoshopping their heads into 19th century paintings of Russian generals. The original paintings, by artist George Dawe, show Russian generals who had successfully fought Napoleon in the Patriotic War of 1812. Via: My Modern Met

Jack & Jill Movie Trailer

The first trailer for Jack & Jill has been released starring Adam Sandler and Katie Holmes. The film directed by Dennis Dugan, who has collaborated with Sandler on most of his films. The film will be produced under Sandler’s production company Happy Madison, and it will be distributed by Columbia Pictures. In the film, Jack,… Continue reading Jack & Jill Movie Trailer