The Story Behind the Office Monkey Clips

In the past few months or so, you’ve probably seen lots of videos like these circling around the internet. They have been taken from Getty stock video series of baboons in an office, and they have become popular internet GIFs and memes. Hart Productions, the San Francisco-based husband-and-wife team has produced the series back in 2003 and… Continue reading The Story Behind the Office Monkey Clips

The World’s Tallest Cow

A cow named Blosom from Orangeville, Illinois, USA, has been awarded the Guinness World Record for “Tallest Cow” at a staggering height of 190 cm (74.8 in). Blosom was born to two normal sized cows. and according to Patty, was even taller when she was eight years old. Always friendly with her owners, Patty treated… Continue reading The World’s Tallest Cow

Animals Reactions To Seeing Their Reflections In Mirror

French photographer Xavier Hubert Brierre travelled to Gabon, Africa with his wife and set up a mirror in several locations in the rainforest in order to capture animals walking by. The results are stunning, the hilarious animals were caught on camera admiring themselves and making physical contact with the mirror. Watch the video below.

Time-Lapse Shows Puppy Growing Into A Big Dog Over Time

Filmmaker Dave Meinert rescued a sick four-week old Great Dane puppy named Pegasus from an careless breeder. Meinert wanted document her life every day for as long as she lived. So he decided to create a short time-lapse video showing Pegasus growing from a puppy into adulthood while doing her daily exercises on a treadmill.

The World’s Biggest Pit bull

The Dark Dynasty K9s, is a New Hampshire base specialises in breeding fearsome guard dogs has posted a video of a pit bull nicknamed the Hulk, the world’s biggest pitbull dog weighing in at an incredible 78 kilograms (174 Pounds). The big beast has become an internet star after footage of him uploaded to YouTube with views of up to 1.9 million since… Continue reading The World’s Biggest Pit bull

Stray Dog Tortured To Death

Unfortunate video shows a stray dog who has been tortured and killed by a psychotic driver in Saudi Arabia. The defenceless dog was crushed and ran over several times with a Toyota pickup truck. The vicious attack was captured by the drivers partner who recorded the whole incident. Update: Two Saudi men are facing jail after being convicted of… Continue reading Stray Dog Tortured To Death

Elephant Picking Up The Trash

An elephant was recently featured on a surveillance video picking up some trash and throwing it in into a nearby garbage can in South Africa. For all we know, it could be a staged scene with an elephant trained to pick up trash. In which case, it would still be far better than lots of humans who have a problem… Continue reading Elephant Picking Up The Trash

Kangaroo Street Fight in Australia

YouTuber Rodney Langham posted a video of an ugly street fight between two kangaroos in Australia. The clip lasted five minutes, as the wild animals exchange punches and kicks on the street and then in a front yard of a house. My only criticism about the video is the music, It should have been the… Continue reading Kangaroo Street Fight in Australia