Google Allo: New Smart Messaging App

Google Allo is a new smart messaging app that helps users express themselves using stickers, doodles, and HUGE emojis & text. The app also brings you a preview version of Google Assistant which will help you find information from Google and its services. You can download the app for Android on Google Play or iPhone… Continue reading Google Allo: New Smart Messaging App

Ziji: Kuwait’s First Social Dining Network

Ziji is the first social dining network that uses the latest social tools and location techniques to help users discover trending restaurants, dining events and great deals in Kuwait. The app lets you check out what restaurants people are posting from, giving you the chance to interact with food critics, discover diners not based on reviews… Continue reading Ziji: Kuwait’s First Social Dining Network

WhatsApp Available On The Web

The popular smartphone messaging application WhatsApp is now available on your office computer as well as your for Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone. The web service will not be available to iPhone users ‘due to Apple strict platform limitations. WhatsApp, acquired by Facebook last year for nearly $22 billion, said its Web service will be… Continue reading WhatsApp Available On The Web

Keezy: IOS Beatboxing App

Keezy is an iPhone app that allows you to created your own short sound clip. The new IOS Beatboxing app is free to download on the App store, it can record noises to transform them in to tunes. Watch the video, demonstrated by Reggie Watts, to learn more about the Keezy application and see it in action.

Viber for Android Beta

Viber for android is finally here, but don’t get your hopes up! Its still currently under beta testing before the final release. The android beta has the same features that the iPhone App has, plus a few bonus features, including the ability to respond to text messages without opening the app, natively viewable in-app call logs… Continue reading Viber for Android Beta

Viber Coming To Android In March

Viber launched the app for the iPhone last month. Built to allow 100% free VoIP calls over 3G and WiFi. Vibers main drawback, at this point, is that it’s only available for iOS. As it’s built only for Viber-to-Viber calls, that meant the free calling goodness was limited to others rockin’ an iPhone or iPod… Continue reading Viber Coming To Android In March

Make Your Free Calls with Viber

Viber is an iPhone application that lets you make phone calls to other iPhone users anywhere in the world, for free.  Check your contacts, you can see which of your iPhone contacts is already on Viber. Go ahead download the App and make your call. It’s free and it works great. (Android and Blackberry versions coming… Continue reading Make Your Free Calls with Viber