The World Biggest Stretch Earlobes

Kala Kaiwi now holds record for largest ‘non-surgically made’ flesh tunnels measuring 109mm (4.3 inches) in diameter. The Hawaiian man has just returned from Milan, Italy where he picked up his Guinness World Record award. The tattoo and body modification artist has had silicon horns implanted on his head, stretches in his nostrils, tattooed eyebrows and studs all over… Continue reading The World Biggest Stretch Earlobes

Teenager Gets McDonald’s Receipt Tattooed On His Arm

Stian Ytterdahl, 18-year-old from Norway got a McDonald’s receipt tattooed on his right arm. He posted the new body art on Wednesday morning on his Facebook page under the name of ‘new tat!’. The tattoo, which takes up most of his arm, shows a recent purchase that included a soda, cheeseburger and “nonstop Flurry.”