Homemade Hoverbike

Inventor Colin Furze built a homemade hover bike controlled by two control bars that allows the flying machine to respond to a human pilot’s leaning movements and natural sense of balance. The crazy inventor succeeded in making the bike hover off the ground. Watch the video below.

2015 Twins Plus Festival

The Twins Plus Festival is the biggest twin conventions of its kind in the southern hemisphere. Hundreds of twins and triplets have gathered to celebrate the miracle and mysteries of multiple birth. Up to 3000 people, twins, higher number multiples, and their families and friends attended the event It brings together sets of multiple birth siblings from… Continue reading 2015 Twins Plus Festival

Amazing Stop-Motion Music Video Features 4000 Photos

An Australian band called The Paper Kites‘ released their official music video for their new single ‘Young’. The video was shot over the course of a week last month by director Darcy Prendergast and photographer Oli Sansom, features more than 350 faces and 4,000 photographs, and took 10 days of post-production work to assemble.

Prahran Hotel by Techné Architects

Techné Architects have renovated the Prahran Hotel in Melbourne, Australia and transformed it from a tiny add-on back extension into a voyeuristic playground. The hotel is a substantial two story corner pub with a beautiful streamlined art deco facade, which feature nearly 40 metres of concrete pipe.

Outback Steakhouse in Dubai

On my short business trip to Dubai I had the chance to stop by the Australian-themed American restaurant Outback Steakhouse at Dubai Mall and tryout their famous Bloomin’ Burger. The restaurant’s menu is full of amorous-sounding dishes, but I simply couldn’t resist not to try the Bloomin’ Burger. Its topped with Bloomin’ crispy onion pearls, American cheese, lettuce, tomato and the Bloomin’ secret Onion sauce. The burger just… Continue reading Outback Steakhouse in Dubai

Hadith on Bottled Water in Australia

Australian water company Active organic spring water quoting Prophet Muhammad’s Hadith with each bottle of water. ”Do not waste water even if you were at a running stream ” Update: The bottle tags were created by the Macquarie University Muslim students Association in Sydney during the islamic awareness week, the water company had nothing to do with… Continue reading Hadith on Bottled Water in Australia

The Hover Vehicle Prototype by Aerofex

Back in June of last year I told you about Chris Malloy’s Hoverbike from Australia. Well, another vehicle was built in California by a company called Aerofex, they created a mechanical system with the same concept idea, controlled by two control bars that allows the vehicle to respond to a human pilot’s leaning movements and natural sense of balance. Watch… Continue reading The Hover Vehicle Prototype by Aerofex