Sean Garnier And Viki Gomez Amazing Performance in Kuwait

Red Bull Stars Sean Garnier from France and Viki Gomez from Spain performed outstanding freestyle football and BMX Flatdanding that left the Kuwaiti crowds amazed. Sean equipped with the best freestyle football tricks on the planet and Viki displaying unique maneuvers such as rotation on one wheel and acrobatic moves defying gravity brought everyone to… Continue reading Sean Garnier And Viki Gomez Amazing Performance in Kuwait

Oprah Winfrey Spotted In Kuwait!?

Oprah Winfrey look alike was spotted shopping at the Grand Avenues mall today. Her name is Caroline Hodge and she is an Oprah Winfrey impersonator. By the way, some of the people who took pictures with her still think that she is the real Oprah!

Smoking Booths At The Avenues Mall

Smokers are usually confined to enclosed areas, away from the Non-smokers,¬†areas such as airports and other public places,¬†otherwise to keep¬†smokers away¬†from¬†smoke free zones. As seen in the picture above, the Avenues Mall installed useless smoking booths which is intended¬†for an outdoor use. The booth is wide open, with¬†no doors, not even¬†a¬†ventilation system (air purification systems)… Continue reading Smoking Booths At The Avenues Mall

Kuwait National Day Lip Dub Video By Zain Kuwait

Zain Kuwait¬†just released awesome video ad¬†in celebration of Kuwait’s National Day. It’s a¬†lip dub¬†to a¬†patriotic song¬†performed by Abdallah Al-Rowaished.¬†The video was filmed at The Avenues¬†last Saturday morning, which surprised visitors at the mall.

H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection

We were invited yesterday to check out H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection at the Grand Avenues. The collection was nice not really that amazing! I only fell in love with the classic party dresses!! I wanted them all hahaha.. Men’s collection was very limited a few pieces only, color wise it was¬†autumny. Over all fun shopping… Continue reading H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection

Salad Boutique New Italian Menu

The Salad Boutique is a place that is easy to miss with all these chain restaurants¬†that¬†continues¬†to open at the The Avenues. But this restaurant still maintains its unique style as being the first ever restaurant that specializes in serving salads as a main course, with over 70 different types of salads, in addition to the… Continue reading Salad Boutique New Italian Menu

Kuwait More Than Home

For the first time in the Middle East The Avenues mall will host on the first of November and for a period of 17 days a 300 year narrative of Kuwait’s history presented through the latest picture recognition technology and interactive marketing services. Interactive Mega Map: A 680 square meter map of Kuwait will be… Continue reading Kuwait More Than Home

iCADE for iPad Now Available in Kuwait

I was at Alghanim X-Cite -The avenues- the other day and I was surprised to see the famous iCade Arcade Cabinet for iPad. The device is sold for 45KD which is very reasonable price to pay compared to the online price (plus shipping and handling).