Lexus Has Created a Real Hoverboard

Lexus claims to have made a real working hoverboard that uses electromagnets and liquid nitrogen to float. The levitating board called Slide, and was tested at a specially-made skate park near Barcelona. Working with a team of scientists, Lexus took more than a year to work on the concept of the magnetic levitation hoverboard. To… Continue reading Lexus Has Created a Real Hoverboard

World’s First Real-Life Hoverboard By Hendo

Inventor Greg Henderson, at¬†Hendo, has created an actual, functional real-life¬†hoverboard, which uses “magnetic field architecture” to levitate people and objects¬†above special surfaces. The hover engine developer kits are now available on Kickstarter with a $250,000¬†goal, which has so far raised more than $299,430. Watch the video below. via: The¬†Verge

The Hoverboard, Is It Real or Fake?

The hoverboard is finally here? Or is it just a big Internet hoax?¬†A company called HUVr claims that the¬†hoverboard¬†has finally arrived, and they promise its real!¬†In an attempt to make it even more believable they¬†recently released a¬†video with¬†Christopher Lloyd (Doc from Back To The Future movie),¬†introducing the Hoverboard to a group of athletes and celebrities… Continue reading The Hoverboard, Is It Real or Fake?

DeLorean Time Machine Replica

A replica¬†of the iconic time machine¬†DeLorean from Back To The Future movie, built by¬†Bob‚Äôs Prop Shop that specializes in building replicas of famous movie cars. Robert Moseley¬†‚ÄúVideobob‚Ä̬†walks us through the¬†amazing work that has been done¬†to create this car in the video below.

London to Brighton Train Ride Over 60 Years

A train journey from London to Brighton, filmed by the BBC, comparing three rides throughout the years. The fantastic time-lapse video shows the same exact train ride filmed in 1953, 1983 and 2013, to reveal the difference of 60 years, to see how much has changed. Check out all three journeys side by side in the video below.

Back to the Future: Documentary About Irina Werning’s Photography Project

A short documentary video¬†about Argentinian Photographer Irina Werning incredible “Back to the Future” photography project,¬†where she recreates the scene of an¬†old photo portrait of people, from lighting, background, location, and even clothing. Irina Werning travels around the world meeting people and searching for particular photos to recreate for her ongoing project.¬†The documentary is created¬†by UK-based… Continue reading Back to the Future: Documentary About Irina Werning‚Äôs Photography Project