Watch Trailer Dragging a Car in Reverse at High Speed

Volkswagen Norway posted a video of what appears to be a driver going backwards in his Passat wagon at a high speeds with a trailer attached to it, going through parking lots, roundabouts, and even passing other cars. The video is a promotion for Volkswagen new Trailer Assist system feature that makes it easy to… Continue reading Watch Trailer Dragging a Car in Reverse at High Speed

Shanghai In Reverse

“Walk in Shanghai” is a reversed time-lapse film created by media artist JT Singh that takes you on a tour of Shanghai’s urban streets. This mesmerizing short video features a man walking through the streets of Shanghai normally with people walking backwards. But the truth is that he is walking backwards, and the film is being played in… Continue reading Shanghai In Reverse

Man Drives His Car Backwards In India

Harpeet Devi, 33, has modified his old Fiat car to be driven in backwards along India’s busiest roads in Bhatinda. Since 2003, when the vehicle got stuck in a reverse gear and he couldn’t afford to repair it. The vehicle has four gears to drive in reverse and just one to go forwards. Harpeet has even fitted an ambulance siren to alert other… Continue reading Man Drives His Car Backwards In India

Scottish Boy Can Speak Backwards Fluently

Cameron, a ten-year-old Scottish boy with an amazing ability to talk backwards. His father uploaded a video on YouTube last year featuring Cameron talking backwards using a voice recording app, and plays his recording backwards into normal English. He reminds me of Alyssa! via: Laughing Squid