TUL: Self-Weighing Suitcase

TUL is a suitcase that comes with a built-in weighing scale which tells you exactly how much the contents weighs. It also includes an external protection jacket to prevent the suitcase from being damaged. The suitcase has a built-in LCD screen that displays the weight of the luggage. Simply press the ‘ON’ button and the weight of your luggage will be… Continue reading TUL: Self-Weighing Suitcase

The Hop Suitcase Follows You On Its Own

Hop is a hands-free smart suitcase that follows the traveler around automatically via Bluetooth. The suitcase utilizes receivers to help identify and triangulate signals coming from the user’s smartphone in order to follow at just the right pace. In the event of a lost signal, the user is alerted on their smartphone by vibration and… Continue reading The Hop Suitcase Follows You On Its Own

MINI Cooper Racing Stripes Pilot Case

I received this beautiful MINI Cooper pilot travel case from Ali Alghanim & Sons Automotive last week, it was delivered to my doorstep. The compact multipurpose pilot case has a neat racing stripes like the ones on the Mini Cooper. It comes with a retractable telescopic handle and sturdy carry handle. It also includes various interior… Continue reading MINI Cooper Racing Stripes Pilot Case

Hello Kitty White Face Shoulder Bag

The Hello Kitty White Face Shoulder Bag featuring Hello Kitty face on both sides and embroidered details with bow and ears. Colorful lined interior has mobile holder, multi-purpose pouch and zippered pouch. It also comes with black pull string pouch. Size: 18″ x 11″ x 5-1/2″ (45.7 cm x 27.9 cm x 2.54 cm). Its available at Neatoshop for $75.

Pilule Bag by Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin celebrates 20 years of iconic designs with a capsule collection compiled of favorite pieces from decades past. The “Pilule”, constructed in 100% resin, returns with the capsule collection. Produced in very limited quantities, this is your daily dose of Louboutin and it is just what the doctor ordered. The Pilule (capsule) bag is… Continue reading Pilule Bag by Christian Louboutin