Malja: A Red Bull Space in Bahrain

Malja is the first community hub in the Middle East to support and connect all types of Art in the most innovative way. The Event will take place at Amwaj Islands, Bahrain on January 30th at 4 pm with its first show Double tap and live graffiti performances, followed by the opening ceremony at 6:00… Continue reading Malja: A Red Bull Space in Bahrain

Millionaire Garbage Man

Bahraini YouTuber Omar decided to film a short video that documents his experience with a very unique personality that is hard to find these day. The story is about a Korean man living in Bahrain, named Yo with an unusual habit of picking up trash in and along the streets. He gets up at 5:00 in the morning every day to pick up the litter… Continue reading Millionaire Garbage Man

Kuwaiti Team Flies High At first Red Bull Kite Waj

For the first time in Bahrain, Red Bull Kite The Waj kicked off with a splash at Amwaj Islands Kite Beach on the 6th of June 2014. This is the first time in Bahrain that an event of that scale takes place bringing together Kitesurfers from across the region. Teams from Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Egypt, Kuwait and… Continue reading Kuwaiti Team Flies High At first Red Bull Kite Waj

Range Rover Covered with 57,412 Coins

A Dubai-based car company covered a Range Rover with 57,412 coins from all over the GCC countries, the car was designed in celebration of UAE national day. Some sources say that the car weighs an extra 170 kilos courtesy of the different coins which are glued to the body. You can also see Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, and UAE flags as well as… Continue reading Range Rover Covered with 57,412 Coins

Blue Meal from Taco Bell

Taco Bell created a new promotional meal to support the Kuwaiti Team “Azayriq” at 21st Gulf Cup tournament in Bahrain. The Blue Meal comes in a very cool package tray, it includes 2 crunchy raps, 6 tacos of your choice, potato bits, nacho chips, a large Pepsi and Free glass. The Blue Meal is now available at all Taco Bell branches… Continue reading Blue Meal from Taco Bell

The Cheesecake Factory Opens in Dubai Mall

The Cheesecake Factory has opened its first International location in Dubai, Dubai Mall (partnership with Alshaya Trading Co., W.L.L.) on August 16, 2012. This opening marks the first location for the brand outside of the United States. The restaurant, occupying 13,851 square feet with 300 seats, and is located the opposite of the Dubai Aquarium. Alshaya`s exclusive licensing agreement with… Continue reading The Cheesecake Factory Opens in Dubai Mall